I was so honored to join Gary Savoie on his podcast, Laugh At Adversity. Gary and I discussed building emotional resilience, how I overcame my rock bottom, took charge of my life and found lasting health and happiness.

In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • The important questions that no one ever asked me when I was first misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder
  • How spending 12 years on prescription medications impacted my mental and physical health
  • How I was able to restore my quality of life
  • Why committing to small daily practices changed my life
  • Why I hated meditation
  • Simple meditation tips for beginners
  • Why we need to befriend our anxiety instead of pushing it away
  • Why the pursuit of happiness system is broken
  • How improving emotional resilience has impacted my life and helped me bounce back quicker
  • Why loving ourselves more allows us to love others more too
  • How people can only greet you where they greet themselves
  • Why adversity is an opportunity to rise up and take our power back

Gary’s podcast is available on iTunes.

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