Debra Stone - Physical Therapist - Bristol, CT
5 / 5
Cyndi’s clear instruction and detailed photos offer everyone the opportunity to experience safe techniques for the relief of chronic low back pain. As a physical therapist, I can truly endorse this book knowing there are modifications throughout for all. I have utilized this book as a teaching tool for some patients and have heard much positive feedback.

Debra Stone – Registered Physical Therapist – Bristol, CT

5 / 5
A note to other readers: If you are having trouble with how to get started, be sure to read the first 24 pages, and start with what step 1 is for you. (The author’s personal story at the back of the book is worth reading.) I purchased this book for chronic low-back and sciatic pain, and was practicing, but now I also have a hip injury, and I thank God I have this book. I love that she gives choices on different levels of position and stretch for each pose, using props in different ways for what is best for you. Sometimes you have to read the instructions for an exercise, then practice, then re-read the instructions, and go through this a few times before getting the rhythm of breath and movement or getting in and out of a pose, then ending with a final release–a very important aspect. Each picture in this book is worth a thousand words. Cyndi’s exquisitely detailed instructions and well thought-out presentation has made me fall in love with Yoga. I am 70. I’ve never taken a Yoga class.

Caroline H. – review

Yoga for Low Back and Hip Health - Amazon review - Caroline H.
Yoga for Low Back and Hip Health - instructional yoga book by Cyndi Roberts
Matt Dever - Hartford, CT
5 / 5
We are loving the much needed surrender found in Cyndi Roberts’ book Yoga For Low Back and Hip Health. Each page has us wanting to pull out a bolster and sink in.

Mary Beth Larue & Jacki Carr, Rock Your Bliss, #Blisslist, Venice, CA

5 / 5
I have been a client of Mrs. Roberts for a couple years now. The reason I keep going back is twofold: she is a very compassionate, honest, and genuine individual who truly cares for people and their health and; the treatments she outlines in her book really do help. I suffer from Sciatica and Spinal Stenosis so my back is very tender. But each 60-minute session I’ve had with Mrs. Roberts has never failed to relieve my back discomfort. Word to the wise: practice what she demonstrates in this book each day; you will see incredible results. The other wonderful aspect of this book is that there is a variety of sequences you can practice so it is not a mundane, day-to-day, monotonous routine. You can switch things up and STILL feel better after. I highly recommend Mrs. Roberts’ book and teachings. You will NOT be disappointed.

Matt Dever – review – West Hartford, CT

Matt Dever - Hartford, CT

About Yoga For Low Back and Hip Health

When we’re stressed, we contract and tighten our muscles. The stretches in this book provide a release of that built-up contraction and tension while also increasing flexibility and improving joint mobility naturally.

“Low back and neck pain is an increasingly widespread and expensive condition worldwide, costing the US alone $88bn a year—the third highest bill for any health condition—despite evidence most treatments do not work.”
– The Guardian

So many people that carry the burden of life on their shoulders—literally. Add to that how much time we spend sitting at computers and the poor posture developed from prolonged smartphone use, and it’s no wonder everyone’s in pain!Written by private yoga instructor Cyndi Roberts, Yoga For Low Back and Hip Health teaches you how to safely practice restorative and gentle yoga poses at home to relieve pain in the following areas:

  • Upper back
  • Mid back
  • Low back
  • Sciatic nerve
  • Piriformis syndrome
  • Hips
  • Inner thigh/groin
  • Pelvis
Yoga for Low Back and Hip Health - Amazon review - Caroline H.
5 / 5
I’m new to yoga and suffer from low back pain. The instruction and photos are easy to follow and really well done. Practicing the poses and sequences eased my pain and increased my flexibility. I feel better each time I practice. It’s a tremendous value for the price and I highly recommend it! review

Yoga For Low Back and Hip Health provides in-depth and appropriate instruction for 43 restorative and gentle yoga poses specifically and thoughtfully put together.

15 practical and unique sequences are included for you to practice at home at your convenience, including over 300 high-resolution images to help you along. Cyndi provides the option of working with mantras and deep breathing exercises paired specifically to each pose for the most benefit.

*As a bonus, readers will receive information about each of the 7 chakra energies and how specific poses help to awaken these often blocked or unbalanced energy spaces.

Even if you don’t suffer from back or hip pain, these poses and sequences help gently and effectively stretch the back body and hips to:

  • Increase flexibility
  • Realign the pelvis
  • Strengthen weak muscles
  • Provide relief from common aches and pains
  • Maintain or improve the health of the joints
  • Maintain or improve range of motion and circulation
  • Increase energy levels
  • Elevate mood and relieve sadness and depression
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Lower stress levels
  • Release negative or stagnant energy and emotions
  • Clear and balance chakra energies

Millions of students around the world have benefited from the ancient practices of yoga, pranayama and relaxation. Now you can too!

Yoga for Low Back and Hip Health review - Claire Fazzina - Tolland, CT
5 / 5
When I met Cyndi Roberts a few years ago, I had constant hip and back pain that prevented me from being as active as I once was. Regular restorative yoga sessions with Cyndi helped ease my pain and taught me breathing, stretching, and relaxation exercises that I could practice on my own. Cyndi’s new book, Yoga for Low Back and Hip Health illustrates and explains the exercises she taught me and more! Now, instead of trying to remember a sequence of poses and stretches that were effective for me, I can refer to Cyndi’s book for guidance.

I especially like the illustrated sequences that I choose based on what I feel I need help with and how much time I can spare on a given day. Each sequence is labeled according to the targeted issue—hip pain, core strength, etc. and whether it is a short or long sequence. Sometimes I create my own sequence using the chapters that clearly describe and illustrate restorative or core strengthening poses.

Having Cyndi’s book is like having 24/7 access to Cyndi’s expertise and wisdom!

Claire Fazzina – Tolland, CT

5 / 5
I started referencing and practicing the sequences in Yoga For Low Back and Hip Health before bed time. After as little as two practices, I noticed I slept better, woke up with less aches and pains and had more energy! I’m feeling better and better each day!

Marion Carling – Hartford, CT

Yoga for Low Back and Hip Health review - Marion Carling - Hartford, CT
Yoga for Low Back and Hip Health review - Kathy Fell - Farmington, CT
5 / 5
This easy-to-use book allows me to create a routine that stretches and rests my body after a long day. I feel so much better and healed after I practice! It’s one of the best pictorial displays of poses that I have ever seen.

Kathy Fell – Farmington, CT

5 / 5
My whole family and I love picking poses from Cyndi’s book, Yoga For Low Back and Hip Health, to practice at the end of our days. We feel gently stretched, refreshed and rested each time!

Cindy Lasker – West Hartford, CT

Yoga for Low Back and Hip Health review - Cindy Lasker - West Hartford, CT
Yoga for Low Back and Hip Health review - Kathy Fell - Farmington, CT
5 / 5
Everyone could use this book as most suffer some sort of back pain! So many variations offered for all body types and health. The pictures are beautiful and there are many pictures to help you get your pose properly. Strongly recommend this book to everyone.

Eric – Canada – review

5 / 5
Suffering with disc problems, the only exercise I’ve tried so far is the one on the front cover, lying on your side with a leg on a pillow and your arm on a pillow, sounds so simple, but I never realized until I tried it, how much pressure it relieves in the tightness of my hips and lower back! review

Yoga for Low Back and Hip Health - Amazon review