5 / 5

My experience with Cyndi was amazing. As I am a novice to yoga, she was patient and her instruction was easy to follow. I found the techniques she taught me to be helpful in my weight training sessions as well. I feel better and my body is prepared for my upcoming knee surgeries. I will definitely return for more sessions with Cyndi!

Kerry Brush – Southington, CT

Kerry Brush - Southington, CT
Cindy Lasker - West Hartford, CT
5 / 5
When I started seeing Cyndi, I was feeling overstimulated, stressed and had pain in my hands and feet. I had seen Western doctors but they didn’t seem to understand what I was feeling. No one could give me an answer about what was happening to me.

I decided to try therapeutic yoga sessions with Cyndi. After only a few weeks, I started feeling better. My body felt softer and the pain I was experiencing lessened. I noticed I had more energy and could do more of the activities I enjoyed. My level of stress lessened and I felt I could manage things with a calm and clear head. The techniques I’ve learned—and continue to learn—allow me to take charge of my health.

Cyndi always knows exactly what I need for my practice when I come in for my custom sessions, and I leave feeling so much better.

The studio is quiet, soothing and serene. The soft glow from salt lamps and aromatherapy provide an experience that feels safe and comfortable. Cyndi has plenty of clean props for me to use, so I never have to worry—I just have to show up. It’s the perfect place for me to find stillness and take a break from the busyness of being an active mom of two.

With continued practice, I’ve noticed my body’s increased ability to rest and heal. I’m often more calm and relaxed on days I practice and my body lets me know I need to rest after a session. When I need peace, I use the breathing exercises, visualizations, and mantras that Cyndi has taught me.

My whole family and I love picking poses from her book, Yoga For Low Back and Hip Health, to practice at the end of our days. We feel gently stretched, refreshed and rested each time!

I highly recommend seeing Cyndi for personalized, therapeutic yoga sessions! If you do, you’ll feel benefits from therapeutic yoga, these teachings, the serenity and peaceful experience.

Cindy Lasker – West Hartford, CT

5 / 5

This is almost hard to put into words, it’s more about feeling and energy. I have been working with Cyndi Roberts for quite some time now. I look forward to my weekly visits. We don’t just practice yoga, it’s so much more than that. It’s building, growing, learning to be good to yourself. My weekly appointment is like a reset each week, that keeps me on track, moving forward, growing and healing not only the body but the soul as well.

Cyndi is one of a kind, has lived it, understands and is willing to share her journey and wealth of information that she has gathered along her way. I’m very grateful for her help. She is helping me learn to nurture and be as good to myself as I am to others. I researched Cyndi and did her online course for over a year, with such amazing results that I needed to meet and work with her in-person. The journey has been wonderful but I know I’m a work in progress and still have so much more to learn from her!

Luff Di – Central CT

Luff Di - Central CT
Sharifah Al-Rushaid - Bloomfield, CT
5 / 5

I started private yoga sessions with Cyndi about a year ago through one of my friends.

Prior to beginning, I was not enthusiastic about the yoga sessions, but after my first session they became an essential part of my week.

The sessions are customized to my needs. For example, if I have neck and shoulder tension from a stressful day, this will be the main focus of the session. Cyndi chooses the right methods that will calm me down and fill me with positive energy. She plays soft music during the session and talks with simple words that connect my mind and soul into a deeper level, away from busy daily life.

Before the sessions, I am generally very stiff from long, stressful days. By the end of the sessions, I am calmer and feel I can breathe better.

This is exactly what I need during a busy week, as it helps me have a better night sleep.

I have much less back and neck pain since I started my sessions with Cyndi. I have better quality sleep – I sleep less hours now and am more productive during the day!

Sharifah Al-Rushaid – Bloomfield, CT

5 / 5

I can see myself continuing to practice most of the methods I learned with Cyndi on a daily basis, even though life feels so busy!

I noticed some tingling each time I practiced exercises for the joints, like blood flow increased. I like side lying pose to curl up in to rest.

I noticed I have a more relaxed mindset and my body settles nicely into the stretches with the bolster. The stretches across my chest feel so good to me because I feel turned inward so much at work, etc. It feels so refreshing to open up and breathe deeper. Mentally, I feel so much more relaxed throughout he day, even in the face of adversity. Sure, I always have to re-center my thoughts as they wander, but I feel lighter and empowered to have these techniques! It helps me to just stop and breathe.

Virtual client – healthcare worker with chronic stress, body tension and prone to anxiety – Torrington, CT

Virtual client – healthcare worker with chronic stress, body tension and prone to anxiety - Torrington, CT
Lynne B. - Bristol, CT
5 / 5
Having a therapeutic yoga session with Cyndi is like five appointments in one. I get my yoga, meditation, reiki, physical therapy and hypnosis all in one session!

I always learn so much during my time with Cyndi and love hearing her insights, lived experience and expertise. She is an accepting, non-judgmental teacher that supports me with all my needs. She gently instructs and makes each pose accessible, comfortable and beneficial for me.

She’s an intuitive instructor that always knows exactly what I need! I feel more connected to myself after each session—mind, body and spirit.

The studio location is convenient, there is plenty of free parking, it’s on the first floor and the bathroom is accessible. As soon as I enter her space, I feel peaceful and serene. The soft lighting, unique décor, soothing music, salt lamps and crystals set the perfect tone for my session. The worry, noise and distractions from the outside world disappear while I’m in Cyndi’s space. I love coming here!

Lynne B. – Bristol, CT

5 / 5

I always wanted to practice yoga but with the increasing stress of my graduate studies, I never had the time for it. I decided to look for a private yoga instructor and was lucky to find Cyndi.

I started my classes with a couple of friends and found that it was really beneficial for my body, especially my back.

The amazing thing with Cyndi is that I don’t have to explain much to her – I just tell her what I feel wrong with my body and she finds the perfect technique for it. It’s more than a yoga class.

My stresses from work, back pain and breathing got much, much better since I started private yoga sessions with Cyndi.

I had an unfortunate car accident recently that my back got injured from. With twice-per-week therapeutic yoga sessions with Cyndi, my back felt much better and I was able to resume normal activities in no time. The last thing I can say is the most important thing in her class is her caring personality and understanding.

Thank you, Cyndi.

Fatima Aldashti – West Hartford, CT

Fatima Aldashti - West Hartford, CT
Barbara Girard - West Hartford, CT
5 / 5

I was looking to find a private yoga studio as I found that group lessons were too fast-paced for me. I simply wanted to work on my flexibility. Well, I have been working with Cyndi Roberts and have gotten so much more! The therapeutic model is wonderful. I have learned simple breathing skills and techniques and ways for calming the mind. Cyndi is nonjudgmental and a clearly intuitive and gifted teacher and she meets you where you are. I truly benefit from my time doing gentle yoga with Cyndi in her sacred studio!

Barbara Girard – West Hartford, CT

5 / 5

After just five custom virtual sessions with Cyndi, there are very notable shifts in my mental state of mind, my physical well-being, and how my body feels overall. My chronic pain is pretty much non-existent!

Virtual private therapeutic yoga client with chronic joint pain and anxiety – Cheshire, CT

Virtual client - chronic joint pain and anxiety - Cheshire, CT
April Brown - Hartford, CT
5 / 5

I have long considered myself a “fan” of yoga. I went to a few classes, looked at and tried some videos, but never stuck with it. I was beginning to wonder if I liked the idea of it more than actually doing it. I am getting older, my body is getting stiffer, I was finding it harder to pick things up off the floor and do daily tasks. I began to be fearful of an eventual fall and fracturing a hip. I wondered whether I would have to remove the tub from the bathroom and have a walk in shower instead. I was pulling my leg up to put on pants.

A year ago, I couldn’t even get up from the floor easily after playing with my grandchild and often needed help. My lower back hurt a lot. A friend recommended trying yoga with Cyndi and my husband gave me four sessions as a Valentine’s Day gift.

With a little apprehension—but believing my friend—I began my practice with Cyndi. When you first walk into Cyndi’s studio, she greets you with serenity and a smile, making you feel immediately welcomed and comfortable. The room is calming, with dim lighting, soft music and Himalyan salt lamps glowing. Your mat is prepared for you. She asks what your needs are and then tailors your session to you and your needs. She explains the stretches, how they are beneficial and how they are working in your body. She uses props to support you and there are times you just want to stay there for hours.

I have left my sessions feeling like I have had a full massage, but better. I feel both relaxed and rejuvenated–and happy. Even more, I wanted to continue on my own with a desire that I have never felt before (I basically have been exercise-averse).

I began to incorporate daily yoga practice in my life, thanks to Cyndi’s gentle, encouraging, rejuvenating yet relaxing sessions. Cyndi has taught me that I need to slow down and be in the present for a good practice and to let it flow. She taught me to breathe slowly and deeply, to let my mind rest. I’ve learned various helpful poses and stretches that have become part of my daily life. I wake up each day and know I will do my practice and I look forward to it. It has become part of my routine.

In just 30 days of daily practice, I’ve noticed freer movement, better posture, more flexibility and a desire to incorporate other healthy habits into my life. Getting up from the floor is much easier and I can do so without help. All the daily tasks I was struggling with are easier. My neck is looser, the shoulders less tight, the hips stronger and my knees—which have arthritis—hurt less. My body feels so much better and I know that I am on my way to feeling younger, stronger, more peaceful and healthier.

It isn’t just the physical improvements though. I now spend time in quiet, setting intentions for my practice and my day. I have begun to incorporate crystals as supports for my intentions. I am more in tune with the sensations within me.

My husband says he sees a difference in my overall being, and certainly so after my daily practice. I will be forever grateful to him for this gift of Cyndi entering my life and helping me be the very best I can be. I cannot thank him or her enough for my awakening!

April Brown – Hartford, CT

5 / 5

There were so many practices from my custom treatment plan that I found helpful! The most helpful included relaxation poses before bed and the morning stretches in bed. Overall, the plan was so simple, accessible and brilliant!

I’ve noticed a clearer and more joyful start to my days and a more restful end to them. I also noticed mindfulness helps me pause more during the day—I’ve become less reactive to stressors and more able to make different choices when strong sugar cravings and the desire to overeat come. This new awareness with food feels empowering and like I have choice now.

Virtual therapeutic yoga client with sugar addiction, overeating and depression – West Hartford, CT

Virtual client - chronic joint pain and anxiety - Cheshire, CT
Jason Kushner - virtual client - Boca Raton, FL
5 / 5

I have been working with Cyndi for the past year and it truly has been an amazing experience! I have struggled with back problems for the past decade and heard about the wonders Cyndi is able to work with her clients.

I have not only seen a lot of improvement in my day to day in terms of pain, but what truly sets Cyndi apart is her detailed knowledge of the inner workings of our muscles and aches and the way she is able to articulate a sustainable way of treating these to her clients.

She has so much knowledge of technique, practice, and different methods, that she can quickly adapt her teachings to each person, every session!

There is also an entire other dimension to Cyndi’s practice that I would characterize as mindset coaching. When you enter her studio, you are instantly welcomed with peace and tranquility and a sense of calming that has helped me in my often-stressful life.

I find myself repeating much of what she has taught me in times of high stress or anxiety. She also very quickly adopted her knowledge to best suit my needs in terms of both mental and physical wellness, and continues to utilize this in tailoring a practice that is ideal.

I always leave her studio feeling mentally and physically rejuvenated and ready to perform at a peak level. I highly recommend her services to anyone experiencing physical or mental pain as well as any professional that wants to perform at their highest level and keep a strong focus on achieving their goals. 10/10!

Jason Kushner – in-person and virtual client – Boca Raton, FL

5 / 5

Having noticed that I had become very snarky and sarcastic—to the degree of internal anger and rage—I realized something had to be done above and beyond a medication I’m on. I’d heard about yoga and its calming effects, but was very skeptical. My belief was that it was going to take more than repeated words (mantras) to reduce the amount of irritation that would flare up for me at the slightest inconvenience. After doing a Google search, I happened upon www.yogawithcr.com and the thing that stood out the most was the one-on-one yoga sessions in her West Hartford studio.

I had thought about giving yoga a try, but am very insecure and always concerned about what other people might be thinking of me. To my surprise, I was greeted with acceptance and understanding from the moment I sent the first email to get a feel for what was involved. Still going in with a sense of insecurity and some doubt, I made an appointment.

If, like me, you DO possess any skepticism or curiosity, please reach out to Cyndi; she bears no judgment or prejudices of any kind. Be open-minded, and you will find that your experience will be that much more successful.

After my first guided meditation and one-on-one yoga session, I left Cyndi’s studio feeling refreshed. I will tell you this with full confidence and truthfulness: if you practice the poses, stretches and meditations regularly, you will experience the healing results of such treatment.

As my practice has evolved, I have discovered that I can reduce the amount of snarky and reactive behaviors that I once possessed. Keep in mind that this is not a quick fix; these changes evolved over time, but they’re lasting changes.

The other things that I suffered from were sciatica and spinal stenosis. Cyndi was respectful of this as well as very knowledgeable and experienced with knowing what poses could be done to ensure my comfort and not aggravate those conditions.

Cyndi’s studio is a very soothing, neutral environment with a tranquil ambiance. Relaxing music fills the space, complemented by soothing aromas and the gentle flickering of candles.

So, would I recommend Cyndi Roberts to other people? Let me just say this: there are many people who know me and have seen a huge turnaround in my approach to nuances, both small and large. Why? I have been taught the means to not be so reactive, but rather greet those nuances with a more positive perspective.

When people ask what medications I’m taking that have helped me achieve this, I tell them “the medication of yoga as prescribed by Cyndi Roberts.”

Matt Dever – Hartford, CT

Matt Dever - Hartford, CT
Kathy Fell - Farmington, CT
5 / 5

My issues are general stress, physical inactivity due to long working hours in an office environment, elevated blood pressure and arthritic pain.

I was looking for an activity that would add balance to my life; one that would help me focus.

I’ve watched my sister benefit from yoga, in small group classes but I wanted something more than a group class could offer. I was very fortunate to find Cyndi, noting her past experience and description of her practice; she is clearly highly qualified to assist me in reaching my personal goals.

I found Cyndi’s website and I followed it for a while before making my decision. Cyndi is well credentialed in the practice of yoga and has also experienced a personal transition that she can share in an instructive and constructive way. Most web stories for yoga instruction focused heavily on the physical aspects of yoga, while Cyndi appeared able to instruct on the physical, mental and emotional benefits. She has transformed aspects of her own life, clearly giving her joy and greater calm and has a special talent to share that journey with others in a meaningful way.

I have been taking two one-on-one private yoga sessions with Cyndi per week in her West Hartford yoga studio for 4 years now.

I struggle with how to have others feel what I feel. It’s perhaps like teaching bowling to new people. Having bumpers over the gullies in a bowling alley, the journey is still in the hands of the bowler, but the bumpers help steer the mission, always offering insight without changing the personal goal.

In my daily life I have the good fortune to manage a large group of professionals. This can be both rewarding and stressful. Through working with Cyndi I’ve started to change how I balance that journey with other aspects of my life. The breathing and meditation she’s taught me allows me to capture a new perspective when I need it most, to come back to the present moment and feel greater peace. That feeling has other benefits, which are just starting to show up…

My time with Cyndi has helped me to better recognize feelings of stress and rather than let them overwhelm my actions, I’m better equipped to move through them towards a calmer state. Mantras and positions, in sync with breath control, help bring back a centered feeling. While I’m relatively new to the practice, this guidance helps produce calm, clarity and peace. It’s a gift.

After a very few weeks I’ve become more aware of how these feelings can grow. I’ve worked with personal trainers for better physical well-being in the past. While valuable, I always perceived the activity as a chore—much like a crash diet—a means to an end rather than a life change.

The blend of therapeutic, restorative, and gentle yoga that Cyndi teaches—coupled with aspects of spirituality and her own lived experience—contributes to both my mental and physical health in a positive way, producing a self-awareness that is more sustainable…you just want to do more!

I now have a more positive outlook, less general pain, my physician has noted that my blood pressure has significantly improved…and I’m more flexible.

Since beginning my one-on-one private yoga sessions with Cyndi, I’m now biking and swimming regularly again. I have a personal goal to be in better physical condition for playing with my three year old grandson, but that goal started before he was born.

Private sessions with Cyndi have introduced to my life the importance of breathing and exercises that strengthen my posture and promote flexibility. These things have really started the chain reaction that’s making a difference in my life.

Cyndi’s private yoga studio in West Hartford is beautiful, furnished with warm wood, candles and natural colors; the feeling of a Zen spa. There’s aromatherapy and soothing music, allow the ability to clear your mind and concentrate on healing. If all I did was sit in this space, I would feel better…but there’s even more tranquility to be found. Of course Cyndi is welcoming and kind, always checking on your personal comfort or needs. You feel safe there. You feel able to heal…

I can and do recommend Cyndi’s services empathically all the time. I can now say with conviction that anyone who practices with Cyndi would find more joy, discover the wealth of self-compassion I have and learn how to live in the moment with greater calm and well-being.

I can’t recommend private yoga sessions with Cyndi enough. I know it is doing wonderful things for me, and has led me to other beneficial discoveries in the use of meditation and nutrition. I’m less bloated and have lost some weight – it just happened! Most importantly, I am taking the time to laugh, enjoy my family and love myself more. You can give so much more back when you’re happy, and it feels amazing.

Kathy Fell – Farmington, CT

5 / 5

I have a recently diagnosed respiratory condition, and I wanted to improve my breathing, as well as practice yoga for relaxation.

I began taking private sessions with Cyndi because I liked the idea that my sessions would be one-on-one, tailor-made for my needs. Other yoga centers did not offer this service.

The most helpful thing I have learned from Cyndi is to let go of the “to do” list, to focus on each session, and to try to put all other thoughts out of my mind.

Since I began one-on-one sessions with Cyndi, my breathing is definitely better, I feel calmer, and my stamina has improved.

I do have anxiety related to my respiratory condition, and I use Cyndi’s guided meditations to help my breathing and calm me down. I sometimes use them before going to sleep, or if I wake up in the middle of the night. I have also used them prior to and during medical procedures that I have had. They really help.

Cyndi’s studio has a very calming effect. I love all the blankets! I feel very cozy and safe.

I would most definitely recommend Cyndi’s services – she has been really helpful to me, she listens to me, and the one-on-one sessions are most invaluable.

Elinor Sachs – Bloomfield, CT

Elinor Sachs - Bloomfield, CT
Nancy Dean - West Hartford, CT
5 / 5

“Listen to your body.” I have heard those words countless times. But I never really knew how.

I have suffered with hip and low-back issues for many years. My body learned all sorts of compensating techniques, resulting in restriction of movement and chronic/sporadic pain.

A year ago, I suffered a flare up of hip pain, triggered by my “not listening” during an exercise class. After a few months of physical therapy and acupuncture, both trusted practitioners suggested I try yin yoga.

I searched for one-on-one yoga sessions because I know my body and needs well enough that I knew I needed the personal attention, which is impossible in a group class setting.

I was also looking for someone who had a therapeutic focus. Cyndi’s web site tells her story very well in that regard. I have been very happy with the way she has used a therapeutic focus to address my specific needs.

I’ve been taking one-on-one sessions with Cyndi twice per week for over a year now. I’ve learned so much and most importantly, I’ve learned is how to reach down and breathe very deeply.

I know that has helped me quiet the noise in my head and helped me listen to my body. I am finding that I breathe deeper during the day and my energy has come up and become more steady throughout the day.

I have a more positive outlook and my family and friends say I look calmer, most of the time.

My hip injury is also very much under control and eased, and I have started complementary exercise programs that I was unable to participate in previously.

I feel nurtured and safe in Cyndi’s studio. It’s a very quiet, comfortable space with good energy. Cyndi takes special care in preparing each session to address what my body needs. I find Cyndi to be a very, very supportive teacher; I think the most supportive teacher I’ve ever had!

Nancy Dean – West Hartford, CT

5 / 5

I just got back from a 10-mile bike ride that I never would have attempted a few months ago!

Although I was always quite active, I seemed to have fallen into a cycle of pulled muscles, pain, and frustration. Not quite 60 – I was not ready to give up an active lifestyle and the things I enjoy.

A friend invited me to a Gong Yoga workshop at the Conduit Center. I hesitated since I was busy packing and getting ready to move from my home of 27 years. Every day was a struggle to accomplish the many tasks that needed to be done. I seemed to pull or strain muscles at the slightest movement. My doctor said I should do stretching exercises. I tried but nothing seemed to work. I figured that the workshop couldn’t hurt since it would give me a break from packing and give me an opportunity to stretch in a different way.

I felt better after the workshop but soon returned to the pain and frustration cycle. One day, I decided to look at Cyndi’s website to try to find another class or workshop that might help me.

I read her story and found that she taught private therapeutic yoga lessons. I emailed Cyndi with a few questions and set up my first appointment.

I started with twice-a-week sessions for a few weeks and I now practice with Cyndi once per week. After three months of Cyndi’s help and guidance, I was able to look forward to everyday activities without pain and stress.

When I started, I did not realize that therapeutic yoga has an important meditation component.

The meditation has helped me to manage stress and the stretching and strengthening of the supported yoga poses have alleviated most of my pain.

I appreciate Cyndi’s calm and reassuring manner. As soon as I enter her studio, I feel the pressures and stress of the day melt away. I’ve come to understand that most of my issues are as much emotional as they are physical. Cyndi’s guided meditations and exercises, designed especially for me, have made an amazing impact on my health and well-being.

Claire Fazzina – Tolland, CT

Claire Fazzina - Tolland, CT
Maria Wren - Newington, CT
5 / 5

I chose to seek out private yoga with Cyndi because I was too self-conscious to go to a group class, and I believed I was too out of shape to put myself out there. I am overweight, intermittently active, but generally pretty out of shape. My goal with Cyndi was to gain confidence, strength and flexibility enough to attend a group class and feel okay about being there. I was initially very nervous, but Cyndi was quick to put me at ease. She has a very gentle and kind way about her, so my nervousness was short-lived.

I loved my first session so much that I immediately scheduled a second session. After my first session I took a 2 hour zumba class and felt so loose that I felt like I could have danced all night! Most of the time when I take a zumba class I feel very tight and stiff.

My second class was just as great as the first, perhaps even better because, amazingly, my confidence was already boosted.

Cyndi was nurturing and encouraging, which is what I needed without even realizing it.

I thought I just needed to be “yoga competent” to join a group class. What I realized is that I all I really needed was to be okay with ME! I planned on scheduling a 3rd class but instead decided to run with my newfound self-esteem and join a group class. And I learned that I don’t have to be fit, I don’t have to be flexible, and I don’t have to be a yogi to participate in a basic yoga class! I am okay with having novice yoga skills because I now know it will be very fun to track my progress.

Cyndi has such a lovely spirit and is so attentive during sessions. I deeply appreciated her work with me and I can’t stop telling everyone I know about my experience with her. You will not regret your decision to take private sessions with her!

Maria Wren – Newington, CT

5 / 5

I wanted to explore the possible benefits of yoga tailored to my specific needs, and Cyndi seemed to understand what I was looking for.

I have been seeing Cyndi for private sessions for over a year now. I find myself living my life now more mindfully and with awareness of the present moment, which helps me to reduce stress and avoid injuries because I’m more in-tune with my body.

I have found this kind of yoga helps tremendously with my stiff, sore and achy joints. My energy levels are up, my strength has improved, and my pain has lessened.

I find that I can now sustain any activity longer. Making time for my sessions is really important, because when I’m not able to come, I can really feel it in my body.

Cyndi’s private studio is a calm, relaxing place to be, and I’d recommend one-on-one sessions with her for anyone looking for a very gentle way to learn yoga and improve their health!

Marion Carling – Hartford, CT

Marion Carling - Hartford, CT
James P. - Farmington, CT
5 / 5

I had long been interested in trying yoga as a means of reducing stress and quieting my mind, but I was not sure how to get started. I knew that a group session would not be for me, so I decided to search the internet for private yoga classes and found Cyndi’s website.

I was intrigued by her story and found many similarities with things I had been dealing with. I felt inspired reading how yoga and meditation had helped her overcome anxiety and depression, and how it helped to transform her life. So I emailed her and explained my situation and then booked my first session.

Cyndi’s sessions are wonderful. Her studio is quiet and peaceful with soothing music and candles. Her soft voice and calming nature only adds to this relaxing atmosphere.

Each one-on-one session is a journey into a realm of tranquility I had not experienced before. I often leave there with an overall blissful feeling and peaceful state of mind that lasts for hours.

Our talks before and after our sessions are both informative and inspiring and I sense that she truly cares about my progress and well-being. I have learned so much about the connection between the mind and body and how important the breath is with yoga and in your daily life.

There is still much I have to learn, but I have already noticed a significant difference in my mood and ability to deal with stressful situations throughout my day. I am a true believer in the power of the mind, but I had never before felt that I had the knowledge or understanding to harness that power.

Now, with Cyndi’s guidance, I feel that I am finally on the right path to true peace and happiness in my life.

James P. – Farmington, CT

5 / 5

Over the past several years I have attended many of Cyndi’s yoga classes, in groups and in private sessions. I love her way of infusing serenity and positivity into each class. I also appreciate her ability to notice and attend to any individual issues while keeping the class running seamlessly. Any time I have difficulty she appears quietly at my side to help me out without making me feel conspicuous or burdensome.

Cyndi has also been helping me learn how to quiet my mind and focus my thoughts. After reading her personal testimonials on her website I realized that she has been where I am, and she has transformed herself. She sincerely wants to help others to do the same. She has given me the tools to refocus and redirect my mind when it starts to spin off into a thousand different directions.

Cyndi has also zeroed in on my tendency to be self-critical and judgmental. I find myself repeating daily the instruction she left me with as we ended our last session; “Be gentle with yourself.” Very wise words.

Donna Cagen – West Hartford, CT

Donna Cagen - West Hartford, CT
Jamey Harris - Hartford, CT
5 / 5

Cyndi’s warmth and individual attention to each of us made us feel cared for and supported.

My friend and I had talked about joining a yoga class for over a year. I was nervous about returning to yoga after a long hiatus (about 5 years) and my friend had never been to a yoga class. When I found Cyndi’s webpage I was so excited to learn that I could gently re-enter the world of yoga and not feel embarrassed because I was so out of shape and inflexible. My friend and I decided to go to her workshop together.

At the end of it, we said to each other, “Wow! Why did we wait so long?” I slept better that night than I had in a long time and remembered how wonderfully relaxing yoga can be when it’s taught by someone who really is passionate about the practice.

Each time we enter Cyndi’s studio we immediately feel calmed. The peace in her space is palpable. The studio is blessedly quiet and serene, a lot like Cyndi.

Jamey Harris – Hartford, CT

5 / 5

I first attended one of Cyndi’s workshops with a friend and was hooked immediately, so I gathered my co-workers and booked Cyndi for a private group workshop.

The workshops are a great opportunity for my team and I to connect and practice self-care on a deeper level. We have been back twice and will return in the future!

The gentle and therapeutic yoga practice, along with the mixture of singing bowls and gongs compliment each other so nicely.

Cyndi’s commitment to health and well-being is really evident. It comes through in her instruction and practice.

My team and I felt very well taken care of and nurtured in her presence, and left the workshop feeling completely relaxed and revitalized.

I would definitely recommend the workshops for team building as it allows the opportunity for complete rest and relaxation for those of us with busy lifestyles. It quiets the mind so you leave with a sense of healing and balance.

Nicole Kroeber – LCSW, NAFI

Nicole Kroeber - LCSW, NAFI