Healing the soul is not an on-demand thing

October 18, 2017|

Our on-demand lives Life is so on-demand. Everything we want is instantly at our fingertips. When we have a question, we Google it. When we want to shop, we go online and order it. Whatever it is, it’s usually a few clicks and Prime shipping days away from being in [...]

Cyndi Roberts Fox CT Mommy Minute with Sarah Cody

May 29, 2017|

In this short clip, Fox CT's Sarah Cody and I discuss how I used yoga and meditation (among other tools) to reclaim my health after a 12 year battle with depression, anxiety and a misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder. Now the mom of a nearly 3 year old, my yoga and [...]

Staying motivated… doing the work when the going gets tough

April 26, 2017|

Since my awakening, I have resolved to live life. Like... live it. Feel it. Breathe it. Embody it. Embrace it and everything that comes with that intention. I've committed to doing the work when the going gets tough. Each day, I wake hungry for enlightenment and ready for change. I [...]

Castor oil packs for scar tissue | Abdominal surgery scar tissue

March 20, 2017|

DISCLAIMER: The insights in this blog were made from thousands of hours of self-discovery, body work, study and conversations. It is based on my personal experience and history. I wrote this blog to share these insights in hopes of helping others find relief. I have found significant physical and emotional [...]

6 tips to stop emotional eating

February 7, 2017|

It’s the end of a long day. End of a long week. I planned on getting some work done but am just ready to get into my pajamas and zone out on a funny movie. I change, wash the day off my face and take a deep breath. I have [...]

  • Yoga pose for sciatic nerve pain - belly down half frog

Yoga pose for sciatic nerve pain | belly down ½ frog

January 24, 2017|

Yoga pose for sciatic nerve pain This yoga pose for sciatic nerve pain is a supportive stretch that softens and rests the muscles in the back of the hips and buttocks. With these muscles at rest, the pressure is taken off the sciatic nerve. Piriformis syndrome and sciatic nerve pain [...]

  • Restorative Yoga For SI Joint Pain - Pelvic Tilts - exhale, lower hips back down

Restorative yoga for SI joint pain

January 10, 2017|

This restorative yoga for SI joint pain pose—pelvic tilts—when practiced daily, will help you feel better in no time. This four part breath is designed to release the abs and stretch out tension in the low back area. It’s great to practice after abdominal work and daily to stretch the [...]

  • Yoga for office workers - release tension from too much sitting with supported pigeon pose

Yoga for office workers: supported pigeon pose

December 28, 2016|

Yoga for office workers This supported hip opener is ideal yoga for office workers to help relieve built-up tension in the hips from sitting for long periods of time. Most of us, especially women, store emotions in the hips. When we stretch this area with a longer hold, we essentially [...]